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Self-serve wood available on Contractor Drive in Boyne City. Always open (24/7!).

Any and all quantities of wood available - from one piece to as many as you want to haul!

We accept all forms of payment (cash, Zelle, Venmo, Cash App).


Firewood is our way of utilizing the entirety of the trees we harvest. Proudly offering Maple, Beech, Ash, Oak, and other assorted dense hardwood species for delivery or pickup. In addition to traditional split cord wood we also make and sell firewood bundles for resale.

Bundled Firewood

At Moeke Forestry we have been bundling firewood for nearly a decade. We currently sell to gas stations, party stores, parks, and even some private residences for road side sales. The bundles are made with our dense hardwood split firewood, and bundle using a twister industries wood wrapping system. Also we costume make bundle racks on request.


We deliver firewood of various amounts from 1 face cord to 6 face cord loads. We do restrict smaller orders to the nearby Boyne City area but larger orders of 4 cords or larger to an approximate 40 mile radius (an estimated radius is included for your convenience). Please call for details such as pricing, piece sizes and lengths, and order amount. Thank you! We look forward to serving you with fast, friendly, and timely service.

"memories are like firewood to be used in cold times"

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For inquiries or orders call or text at 231-631-9600! 

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