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Self-serve wood available on Contractor Drive in Boyne City. Always open (24/7!).

Any and all quantities of wood available - from one piece to as many as you want to haul! We accept all forms of payment (cash, Zelle, Venmo, Cash App).

Moeke Forestry will always be an advocate for timberland owners who are in the process of selling their timber. Please call us before you have anyone harvest your timber we will provide information on your sale that will let you know if it is being properly harvested and priced.

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Firewood is our way of utilizing the entirety of the trees we harvest. Proudly offering Maple, Beech, Ash, Oak, and other assorted dense hardwood species for delivery or pickup. In addition to traditional split cord wood we also make and sell firewood bundles for resale.


Moeke Forestry provides scientifically proven timber management for parcels 5 acres to 5000 acres. Please visit our partner company below for more information on managing your land, or call us at anytime.


Logging is an age old way to manage timber lands and has evolved greatly with technology. We use a number of mehtods to harvest our timber from hand cutting to using the peak of technology in our mechanical harvesters.

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